Tuesday, July 28, 2009


i'm so depressed right now...
unemployed+no money+lonely+blank!!
what should i do to make more money...*sigh*
kdg2 terpikir gak 'why did i quit my job?'.skang baru rase padan muke..hmm ikut kate ati la sgt..skng kn dh unemployed plus no pocket money...tp tu la kan bende dh jadi nk wat cane..
so i decided to just apply for my master and forget bout my work for a while...tp until when?i also need money to pay for my tuition fees...hmmmm..plus keje yg menimbun before i left my job pn tak siap lagi and i should submit my students' carrymarks latest by this FRIDAY!!waaaaaaa ;(

Ya ALLAH!!..pls help me..i'm blank and depressed and tensed up with everything and with my life as well..~

today sehari suntuk i watched movies..
1st movie - SYURGA CINTA..then followed by KAMI THE MOVIE and last BUDAK KELANTAN (tp br 2nd part out of 8 parts)

SYURGA CINTA - quite ok la..standard malay movie..tp bagus la jugak for anybody who wants to repent him/herself..ade la rase keinsafan skit..

KAMI THE MOVIE - very interesting and i enjoyed watching this movie..so sad because ABU is dead...then what's going on after this?ade lagi ke the next KAMI series?

BUDAK KELANTAN - baru jek tgk 2parts...trying to understand slang kelantan..adoii..susoh demo nk ghoyat guano nok pehe..kuikuikui~..will try to finish up all the parts by today..hehe tp if ngntuk will continue tomorrow...;)