Saturday, September 5, 2009


In the film, one day Cha’s character is approached by Park Bo-young’s character, who claims to be his daughter. As she’s arrived with her son in tow, he becomes a father and grandfather overnight. (Park is only 18, and it seems both she and Cha are playing a few years older than their real ages. Wang Seok-hyun is five.)

Cha explains that he found a lot of similarities with his character, who enjoyed a lot of popularity in his first flush of fame, but found his star on the wane as he headed into middle age. (Cha is only 32 years old, but the trajectory is similar nonetheless.) He’s humble about his role in the film; although he’s the headliner in the cast, he feels that the movie was always about Park and Wang, and that his role was “merely to support them.”



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