Tuesday, October 6, 2009


28 September 2009..

11.00 am = handphone hunting at Greentown Mall IPOH

12.30 pm = had lunch at Greentown Mall foodcourt (mee kicap *_*)

1.10 pm = a new handphone purchased!!!

2.30 pm = movie on the block!!hehe


Ho Kwok-Fai (Koo) leads a three-person crew (Michelle Ye, Stanley Fung and Lam Suet), who we meet as they witness the public death of a middle-aged man. Ho's team indirectly goads the man into driving a certain direction on a crowded street before he ends up buying it in what looks like a random, unpredictable way. Of course his death was planned – Ho's crew set up the hit in an elaborate manner, such that there was no other outcome but the man cashing in his chips. However, a couple of things about their latest job make the team nervous. One, the victim was a mob boss, so there’s the chance of some reprisal if the accident is discovered not to be one. And two, aging team member Uncle (Stanley Fung) had a brain fart, dropping a cigarette at the scene containing traces of his DNA. The incident unsettles the team, an apparent long-standing tension amongst them bubbling to the surface. However, even before talking to his team about Uncle’s screw-up, Ho eavesdrops on their conversations, trying to gleam any hint of duplicity. He also refuses to accept food from his team and sets up his apartment in a paranoid fashion, such that he can tell if anyone has been snooping around. Clearly, Ho has trust issues.

Ho’s lack of interpersonal comfort is understandable because he makes a living doing evil while also erasing all evidence of nefarious intent. Accident gets good mileage from the fear that “maybe accidents aren’t really accidents”, with the effect on Ho and his team rendered quite well. There’s a backstory that explains Ho’s trust issues, but the main details are fleshed out sharply by Soi Cheang’s deliberate style. Other than a few expository sequences, Cheang eschews dialogue for subtle character building, using controlled technique to create a tense and involving atmosphere. Cheang's storytelling frequently gives the impression that something sinister may be happening when perhaps nothing is happening at all. Accident possesses exemplary mise-en-scene, communicating wordlessly Ho’s increasing paranoia and single-minded personality through stark lighting, spare music, meticulous framing, and sharp art direction. There are long stretches in Accident where little seems to happen – such as the sequences of Louis Koo tailing or spying on someone – but the scenes are smartly paced, conveying the actual emotions felt by Koo’s character in an immersive manner. Whether there’s a payoff or not, Cheang makes the ride a fascinating one.

4.30 pm = bought some goods & sushi as well...yummy.yummy

5.15 pm = went for a glass of iced OLDTOWN WHITE COFFEE (\*_*/)

6.30 pm = drove home to fetch mellow and drove back to IPOH to send mom some food (she's fasting today!!)

7.10 pm = got ourselves at mom's office

8.20 pm = mom finished her work and we drove to....


9.15 pm = reached home and has dinner!!

that's all about nisyaohnisya's 280909...

till meet again!!!


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