Sunday, December 13, 2009


PARIT BUNTAR!!!here i come..hehe

Last weekend, went to parit buntar for HUSNA's wedding reception..wahhh my bestfriend all the way since KPTM BANGI..(o_O)v

Let all the photos tell the story...

sorry adeq..i grabbed some of your photos.. ;p

This was taken by EIRA..

cantikkan husna hehe
sorry again adeq..wheee~

i'm starving for this sugarpaste cake..waargggghhhh!!!

what a nice reddish dais....!

me & DESNIKA. hehee

our happy faces..(^_^)

HUSNA's 2nd baju..she looked absolutely stunning!!!

After settled everything, me & my best partner went all the way to TAIPING...went to the LAKE GARDEN...happy seeing all the newlyweds have their best moment captured there..with all the cameras..

Then we moved on to KUALA KANGSAR to have some 'Laksa Kuale'..but.but.but tak jumpa la we just hang around and have our solat at MASJID UBUDIAH..really nice mosque!

siap ada meriam lagi hehe~

Until now guys..hope to see you guys soooooon!!!


  1. sorang2 kwn kita kawen...
    ambil nombor skrg...

    supaya kenduri xclash...haha ;p

  2. hahaha..sape no 01?ko ke?hahahaa